Saturday, 17 May 2008

Uncompromising Blogging for Cymru

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This blog "Independence Cymru" now approaches its first birthday. Since its inauguration the political scene in Wales has been transformed and the cause of independence has received an impetus which many of its detractors have deplored but have not been able to deflect. We began with the elections to the National Assembly of Wales which, rather than being the puppet government that many devolutionists might have preferred, has flexed its muscles and delivered its legislation in the context of the particular needs of Wales and for the benefit of the people of Wales.

The election to the Assembly of Helen-Mary Jones heralded a new dawn for Llanelli, a constituency which has been steeped in socialism for donkey's years. Yet with the advent of "New Labour" socialism was finally extirpated from the party which had become a shadow of its former days. Labour had moved radically to the right and socialist principles had been abandoned, to be taken over by the only viable alternative - Plaid Cymru. Plaid is unequivocal in its support for communities, not for class or vested interests. People have begun to take note of this fact and their allegiance has swung towards the only Party of Wales, the only political party which promotes the nation and defends the nation against contemporary imperialism.

With the alliance of Plaid with Labour in the Assembly a bridgehead was established and the results of this are plain to see. Wales has a farming policy sympathetic to the interests of the rural and agricultural communities. The people of Wales benefit from free medicines and free car-parking facilities in the hospitals, the closure of NHS facilities has been stemmed and Welsh arts promoted. There are more Welsh schools of excellence where English families increasingly send their children, knowing that they will receive true values and a better education, from dedicated staff who believe in cultural and linguistic acquisitions.

There is much to be done but Wales is on the right road and much progress has been achieved. This is reflected in the outcome of the local elections which, despite being under-reported by the somewhat skeptical media, delivered a resounding blow to the prevailing hegemony of Labour and carried Plaid forward on a wave of popular support. In particular the back of Labour was broken in Llanelli where the surge in the Plaid vote created new councillors for the county and for local community councils and unseated Labour members who had been installed for time immemorial.

Sometimes those elected to power have to make unpopular decisions, the closure of rural schools for example, and this is the reason why Plaid received a set-back in Gwynedd. Those who voted Llais and not Plaid, however, are no less fervent in their aspiration for a self-governing Wales, but are naturally concerned for their children's education, fearing that they will lose out as a result of new proposals. The answer is not the bilingual approach in Wales but a two-tier approach, where Ysgolion Gymraeg continue to thrive and flourish and produce the sons and daughters to guide and direct Cymru Fydd. It must be remembered, however, that stringent economic considerations should not necessarily override the real and urgent needs and concerns of local communities. A lesson may be learned here.

Returning to the topic of the blogosphere it is heartening to note the appearance of new bloggers devoted to the cause. I refer to the blogs of John Dixon and Carwyn Fowler who both stood as candidates in the recent local elections. They both have a valuable contribution to make to the blogosphere and their views should be read and noted. One point which came up is the invidious position of "Independents" who proliferate in local councils, but are inevitably Tories in disguise or Labourites
in sheep's clothing. They should fly their true colours and be counted. There are in fact very few truly independent councillors who stand up for their own beliefs. Depending which areas of Wales they live in they profess to be Independents knowing that to proclaim themselves as Tory or Labour would be their death sentence.

This blog has been consistent throughout its existence. It has been derided by some, attacked by others and praised by those with perspicacity and loyalty to the cause.
It is not unduly ideological - that is not its modus vivendi. It exists, as Plaid Cymru exists, to proclaim and defend the national spirit and identity, the language and the culture of Wales, and to expose the flagrant deceptions which the history books and an all-enveloping British education have produced, whereby national events have been ignored and cultural institutions have been excluded from the curriculum.
There is, without any doubt, a rise in the consciousness of the nation and a new confidence that Wales is well on the road to maturity and independence. It is expressed in sport, in the media, in the scattered communities throughout the land.
The arguments are indisputable; Wales is a nation in the ascendant. Cymru am byth!

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