Monday, 19 May 2008

Message from Cernyw/Kernow

Alun a wheag.

We in Kernow look on with deep satisfaction at these enlightening events in Cymru for we see ourselves as some 40 years behind, (politically speaking). Whilst I as an individual know I will not be alive to witness "Kernow Rydhsys", I will at least know that Cymru and following, Kernow, will be well on the way to achieving a political and nation status that will inevitably lead, not just to preservation, but to a growth of the culture of our Celtic nations. A family based culture that really cares for our peoples and is not solely intent on aquiring wealth as our colonial interlopers seem to be obsessed with.

Personal thoughts are that there is no poetry in the English except that which glorifies its colonialism, "Land of hope and glory", Rule Britannia", et al.

Oll an Gwella.
(name with-held)

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