Friday, 16 May 2008

Support the Celtic Cornish Cousins

Message from a Cornish patriot

Cowetha wheag/ Dear Friends

As we all know by now, Tony Leamon again answers bail on the morning of 2nd July, 2008 at Camborne Police Station. I thank you all, sincerely, for your ongoing messages of support. By then, Tony will have been 10 months on restrictive police bail (a kind of house arrest for our friends not in the know ) and the police can place any restrictions on him that they wish without challenge. That's modern English law for you !
I think Tony has performed magnificently down these past ten months and in a very dignified manner. he bears no malice against the local police but against their politically motivated paymasters.

I think we should again barrage the following with e-mails of support and please bear this little known piece of legislation, in use every day by lawyers flagged to me by a Republican lawyer in mind.

The Criminal Procedures and Investigation Act (CPIA) which obliges the police and their Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to disclose to the defence solicitor every piece of material not used in the actual case. That means every one of your letters of support, every phone call which should be logged and passed on and so on. To breach this legislation will undermine the Prosecution case - so I hope you all see where I am coming from ! keep those messages going. I have sent one in asking the police to be aware that the St George's Flag is very unpopular in Kernow and that much hate may follow from many people who could possibly have phoned the campsite where it was being flown. Further, that if they went to the "News is Now Public", a Vancouver based news site, they would see that over 10,000 people have viewed very critical material about Jamie Oliver and other celebrity English colonisers. Any one of those 10,000 could easily send hate mail.

The police officer investigating Tony is as follows: Detective 196 HAMPSON of BODMIN CID so why not make all mail addresses to him and ask that it is copied to the CPS and to Tony's lawyer Ms. G. Kinley (good Celtic name !) of Vivian Thomas & Jervis Solicitors, PO Box 23, Falmouth, Kernow TR11 3UF. The police/Cps must reveal every piece of information acquired along the way of these 10 months. Let's make them earn their money !

Police E-mail: marked 'for attention of Detective 196 HAMPSON, BODMIN CID

or anonymously to: marked 'for attention of detective 196 HAMPSON BODMIN CID

or to the people who 'pay' the police, the Police Authority (just like a board of Governers if you like) and again mark for attention of 196 HAMPSON & Cornwall CPS
Also ask that Tony's Lawyer be made aware of your message.


Anonymous said...

So now you have descended to the depths of a supporter of the sending of Hate Mail....How pathetic!!

Alan in Dyfed said...

Your scare-mongering myths are not popular or welcome here. We know what you support and where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Dydh da Alan.
It's always lovely to see support from our Welsh cousins.
It seems that the only culture unware of the Cornish history and constitutional status is England.
I wonder why it's just the English who have no idea.

Best of luck.