Saturday, 31 May 2008

Global Wales - in Unity lies Strength!

"Let's find the World's Welsh" is a relatively new group on Facebook which now has 1,000 members. Independence Cymru, which has global readership, invites more of the world's Welsh to join this group. In unity lies strength and now is the time for all those exiles from the land of their fathers to join together in a global movement and promote the interests of a resurgent nation. When Ireland achieved independence and joined the European Union people of Irish descent flooded back to their native land to contribute to the prosperity of the nation. Government tax policies - low company taxes and so on - assisted in this process and today Ireland is a transformed
country, enjoying growth in its economy through international trade and technological expertise.

Its profile has been augmented by its culture - the phenomenal success of Riverdance, and the opening of Irish pubs in many of the world's cities.
Wales will no doubt benefit greatly after the emergence of independence and from assuming its place as an independence self-governing nation within the European Union. The world's Welsh can look forward to that day, when not only their thoughts will turn to home, but the spirit of hiraeth will inspire them to make a visit which may become permanent, as in the case of Ireland, and their multifarious talents will enrich the nation for future generations. So join the World's Welsh and make an impact across the world. Wherever you are you can make a difference.


j parry said...

welsh independence is ripe and fresh in young people over 1400 young people have joined plaidcymruifanc on bebo. all under 25 this shows that young people in wales are believieng in a pro independent welsh republick plaids sole view should be of independence for wales and plaid should be talking about independence all the time to keep the great debate going

Alan in Dyfed said...

Independence Cymru is talking about independence all the time to keep the great debate going.
Independence is not only a noble concept. It is a cause worth fighting for, as witnessed by the
success of small nations that have achieved it.

kerdasi amaq said...

Independence, in itself, will do nothing for Wales, it is what the Welsh people(should they get it) do with independence that matters.

Alan in Dyfed said...

Wise words indeed!

Loki said...

I found and joined a social network site for Welsh people and people of Welsh descent:

and there's a discussion group on there on the question of independence. THis group has a lot of members from other countries and I don't think they understand this idea very well but could use some education on it and on why it is important.