Friday, 9 May 2008

I'll Take the High Road and You Take the Low Road

.... And I'll reach Independence before ye.....

From the BBC

The Scottish Government has refused to speed up its plans for a vote on independence,despite pressure from the Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander.
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP would not be hurried into changing its timetable for a planned referendum in 2010. But Downing Street has refused to support Ms Alexander's backing for a straight yes/no public referendum.
Scots Tory leader Annabel Goldie branded her move "reckless".

Ms Alexander put her plans to Labour MSPs during their regular group meeting at Holyrood, while Labour MPs will discuss them during a meeting at Westminster later.
Ms Sturgeon branded Ms Alexander's call a "panic reaction by a party that's plummeting at the polls" and claimed the Scottish Labour leader was behaving "erratically".

Speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme, Ms Sturgeon said: "If Wendy Alexander really does now support an independence referendum, clearly I and the SNP welcome her very warmly indeed.

"I am a staunch supporter of devolution and refuse to play fast and loose with our future." Annabel Goldie Scottish Conservative leader.
"But we have to inject a note of caution here, Wendy Alexander's behaviour is erratic in the extreme.
"It's only a few weeks ago she said she was implacably opposed to a referendum, she's just set up a constitutional commission that expressly excludes the option of independence.
"So, who knows what her position will be this time next week, let alone in six months time."
But Ms Alexander insisted it was important for the issue to be settled sooner rather than later.

She said: "[The Scottish Government] are now suggesting they won't bring the legislation in until 2010.
"Given it takes about nine months to debate a bill the Scottish Parliament, that means that we could be looking at the issue not being resolved until weeks before the next Scottish election.
"I think that uncertainty is damaging, a lot of Scots think it is damaging - we should get on with it."
'Political gamble'

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gordon Brown's spokesman, when asked repeatedly whether he supported Ms Alexander's stance, said: "The position taken by the Labour Party leader [Wendy Alexander] is a matter for her."
The spokesman said Mr Brown was confident in the strength of the argument and that any calls for independence would be defeated.

The Labour Westminster group meeting on Tuesday evening was pre-arranged to allow MPs to question Chancellor Alistair Darling, but Ms Alexander's stance will be discussed, according to a source.
Ms Goldie said of the plans: "This is a reckless political gamble which has betrayed the best interests of Scotland.
"I am a staunch supporter of devolution and refuse to play fast and loose with our future. Wendy Alexander is dancing to Alex Salmond's jig and pandering to the agenda of the SNP."



Michael Follon said...

Something that's come out in the last couple of days about an opposition Bill in the Scottish Parliament from the leader comment in 'The Herald'(May 8,2008) -

'First, it emerged that Labour could not move a bill to trigger a referendum through the Scottish Parliament's standing orders because the government had already signalled its intention to do so in this parliament. Did no one think to check the procedures?'

Now what was that word I was looking for? Oh yes 'Numpty' that was it. If you want to get a laugh go to this URL -

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan, what do you make of the situation at Carmarthenshire Council. Would like to read your thoughts on it.

Alan in Dyfed said...

Ryan, mz thoughts on the situation at CCC are rather unprintable. As you may know there is no change in the control of the council, with Labourand Independents ganging up on Plaid and Meryl Gravell at the head. However, with 30 elected councillors Plaid should be in a position to make a difference.
We hgave made a huge step forward in doubling our vote but it is not enough. When the voters see that very little has changed they will lean towards Plaid even more.

pcsolotto said...

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