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Secessionist Movements in Europe

Various ethnic groups in Europe are seeking greater autonomy or independence. In the European Union, several of these groups are members of the European Free Alliance. In some cases, the group seeks union with a neighboring country.

[edit] Albania

[edit] Azerbaijan

[edit] Belgium

[edit] Bosnia and Herzegovina

[edit] Croatia

[edit] Cyprus

[edit] Czech Republic

[edit] Denmark

[edit] Finland

[edit] France

Some of the claimed nations and/or regions - 1. Brittany, 2. France proper (excluding Flanders), 3. Occitania, 4.Lorraine which is sometimes part of France proper, 5. Alsace, 6. Basque Country, 7.Catalonia and 8. Corsica.
Irredentist movements
Secessionist movements
Gradual and eventual secession
Autonomist movements
Rearrangement of regions
  • Picardie (region), by activists are the Picard people. the French government regional committee had planned to subdivide the region and give each one of the 3 departements to neighboring regions of Champagne-ArdenneIle-de-France and Nord Pas-de-Calais. The Picard people are divided on this proposal.[citation needed]
  • Several regions want to be divided into newer ones, notably in the Midi-Pyrenees and Alpes-Cote de Azur.[citation needed]

[edit] Georgia

[edit] Germany

[edit] Italy

[edit] Lithuania

[edit] Macedonia

[edit] Moldova

[edit] Netherlands

[edit] Norway

[edit] Poland

[edit] Romania

[edit] Russia

[edit] Serbia

[edit] Spain

[edit] Sweden

[edit] Switzerland

[edit] Ukraine

[edit] United Kingdom and Crown Dependencies

Secessionist movements
Autonomist movements

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Why does UKIP feature on here as calling for greater autonomy / independence for England? I was under the impression they were die-hard unionists