Saturday, 22 January 2011

It's "Yes" for Wales

The Yes for Wales campaign is today launching a national appeal to ensure voters are informed about the issues at stake in the referendum on March 3rd. We are launching a national push for donations and volunteers to help us achieve our objective of ensuring every home in Wales receives information about the forthcoming referendum.
In the last few weeks we have raised several thousand pounds but we need to do better.
We have raised all our money to date from people across Wales.  However, given recent events, we now need the support of the Welsh people to make sure that the issues at stake in this Referendum are properly understood by every voter in Wales.
Yes for Wales has the backing of people from all walks of life, the main political parties, Churches, charities and unions.  We are a true grassroots campaign with thousands of people attending community meetings across Wales.
Donations can be made online at or by sending cash, or cheques made out to 'Yes For Wales', to: Yes For Wales, Unison House, Custom House Street, Cardiff CF10 1AP
All donors must be eligible to vote and postal donations must be accompanied with name and home address details.
I know we can raise thousands in order to make sure every person in Wales hears our message that voting 'Yes' will allow laws affecting only Wales to be made in Wales.
Roger Lewis,
Chair, Yes for Wales campaign

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