Sunday, 16 January 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed........


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         At least 5,000 racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups are lumped together into only 189 nation states.  Most of the world's violent conflicts are related to struggles for dominance within or independence from some large, multi-national nation state.  A large percentage of the world’s people (especially in populous India, China, Indonesia and Africa) would choose to secede from their respective nation states if given the opportunity. 
        Millions of activists worldwide are committed to national, ethnic, religious and regional secessionist movements described variously as: self-determination, independence, autonomy, sub-national, micro-national, separatist, sovereignty,  indigenous, homeland, Fourth World.  Ideological movements explicitly or implicitly promoting individual, community or regional rights to secession include: libertarian, anarchist, anti-authoritarian, decentralist, devolutionist, cantonal, green, bioregional, "small is beautiful," communal, survivalist, radical pacifist or futurist.  While these latter movements may promote differing social and economic goals, their commitment to individual liberty is strong.
     After the 2004 elections in the United States, millions of non-Republicans were thinking seriously of secession as an alternative to four more years of being subjects of warmongering religous fundamentalists who care more about expanding Israel to bring back Jesus than protecting Americans from nuclear destruction!  "Blue state" -- or blue county -- progressives started talking seriously of secession as an alternative. With the election of the popular Barack Obama, a big fan of anti-secessionist Abraham Lincoln, some assume secession has become a lost cause.  Of course, Obama can't fix the problems caused by 100 years of massive government and probably will only exacerbate them, leading even his fans ready to consider secession from the state he "rules" (as one presidential debate moderator put it).
          As we enter the Twenty-First century, the desire for individual liberty is at an all time high.  We are developing the computer and other technology which can secure it--even as large nation states begin a new nuclear arms race that is hurtling us towards almost inevitable accidental or intentional nuclear war. 
        The time has come to recognize that the great nation state “experiment” of the last five hundred years has failed. The time has come for humans to launch new experiments, ones based on past experience as well as new ideas and technology. The time has come to identify principles and strategies, and initiate educational and action campaigns, to support the world’s people as they seek true freedom, true peace and true justice.
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