Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Whatever Happened to England?

Campaign for a English Parliament

Introduction to the CEP

Devolution has created a United Kingdom in which Scotland has its own national parliament and Wales and Northern Ireland each their own national assembly as distinct nations.
England has nothing. The British government refuses to give any such political and constitutional recognition to England. The Scottish Parliament has made Scotland at least 70% independent of the rest of the UK in the most important areas of government like Health and Education, and Wales and Ireland are demanding that same degree of Home-rule. But England as a nation has no such political and constitutional recognition in the UK at all. What is worse, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs can now make decisions on the internal affairs of the people of England, even be ministers for England’s internal affairs, while no English MP has any such power in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is now a most unbalanced Union, in favour of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and against England. It is a great injustice to the English people.
Just consider a small sample of the huge benefits their own parliaments have been able to deliver to Scotland and Wales. Scottish students do not have to pay university fees like English students do, and that even when they are at English universities. Scottish pensioners in nursing homes get free personal care, they don’t have to sell their houses to pay for it like English pensioners do. In Wales everyone gets free prescriptions. £1300 more is spent on health, education and social services per head in Scotland and Wales than in England. Little wonder the 1998 Devolution legislation states that the Scottish and Welsh parliaments will be ‘the forum for the nation, able to debate all matters of concern’.
The CEP aims to put this right. And you are most welcome to join in. All recent opinion polls show the majority of the England people are now demanding their own Parliament. If you agree, join the CEP and be counted.
There has been a decisive resurgence in English self-identification and awareness. This tide will not be turned back. The English flag is now everywhere. Love of England is as legitimate as love of Scotland and Wales. The people of England includes everyone for whom England is both home and future irrespective of ethnic origin, religion and culture.


It is a fact that the great majority of people of Celtic descent live in England, Australia and America.

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