Saturday, 2 October 2010

Campaign Movements

Welcome! If you've got an idea for what 38 Degrees should campaign on please share it here. If you want to help decide what 38 Degrees does next vote on the ideas below.
We won't be able to do every campaign suggested, but by adding your
campaign idea here you'll give other 38 Degrees members the opportunity to comment, suggest improvements and vote for the best idea. Get involved and have your say - your campaign might be the next to start an avalanche!

  1. 28votes

    Keep Cornwall whole

    I believe that 38 degrees should support the campaign to keep Cornwall whole, which seeks to oppose the coalition plans to create a crosS Tamar constituency as part of the electoral reform.
    Its a grass roots campaign, that seeks to challenge the power of government to redraw electoral boundaries... more

    Another campaign....

    Referring to the previous government's defence budget:

    "...most chaotic, most disorganised, most over-committed... We are going to have a bunch of kit that makes us extremely well prepared to fight the Russians on the north German plain. That's not a war we are likely to face."

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