Monday, 4 October 2010

Labour - The Hammer of the Scots

Commenting on various newspaper reports that Labour have confirmed they will end the SNP’s council tax freeze and allow it to be increased  SNP MSP for Livingston and Deputy Whip Angela Constance said:

"After wrecking the economy Labour now want ordinary Scots to pay for the mess they created. This is the tax they put up 60% when they were last in office.

“It is a disastrous blunder by Iain Gray. His public profile is almost non-existent, but this will only succeed in making him known as the man who wants to hammer Scots families and pensioners by pushing up their council tax. 

“The SNP Government has helped hard-pressed households by freezing council tax year on year – saving average households nearly £300 when people’s finances are under real pressure.  Labour now want to punish people at a time when money remains tight for many.

“This is Labour showing their true colours with tax rises for hard-pressed families. Labour would make all Scots pick up the bill for Labour's failure in government.  This confirms what we have long suspected – Scots can't afford a Labour government at Holyrood, and should reject them next May.

“It is clear Labour have no alternative to this unfair tax that hits the poorest in our society and our pensioners the hardest.  All Iain Gray wants to do is put this tax up - making an already unfair tax even harsher.

“We want to keep doing that next year – just as we want to abolish the unfair council tax in favour of a fair local income tax.”

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