Thursday, 14 October 2010

Harvest Festival Time in Kernow

Guldize is the harvest festival of the Cornish people. Guldize is Cornish language for "The feast of ricks". The festival itself was held at the end of the wheat harvest and took the form of a vast feast usually around the time of the Autumn equinox
Since 2008 a revived Guldize celebration has been held in Penzance and since 2010 in several other locations across Cornwall.

myCornwall were there to capture the historic festival

Click Here to view the episode

Find us on facebook is the online home of Celebrate Kernow the Cornish Culture Organisation based on particiaption. With events happening all across Cornwall and beyond, please join us in celebrating Cornwall's unique heritage.
As part of the Celebrate Kernow project we provide a free guide to the culture of Cornwall as a resource for all those seeking information about Cornwall's unique heritage with the hope you will find your own way of "celebrating".
The Cornish Year
The important dates and customs that make up the Cornish Calender
Cornish Cuisine
Distinctive foods from the land of the pasty and clotted cream.
Cornish Literature and Drama.
Ancient Monuments.
Explore the vast arrray of Ancient monuments that grace the Cornish Countryside.
Cornish Music
From Celtic music to Male Voice choirs. Explore the rich Cornish musical heritage.
Cornish Dance
The well recorded and distinct Cornish Dance tradition.
Traditional Cornish Costume.
Cornish Traditional Clothes.
The Cornish Abroad
Immigration and International Cornish Associations.
Other Cornish Customs
Cornish World Magazine
Cornish Religion
Cornish Institutions
Institutions unique to Cornwall.
Cornish Language
The Celtic language of Cornwall including learning resources.
Cornish Sports and Games
Wrasslin, Hurling and other games explained.
Cornish Folklore
Cornwall is famous for being a land of story tellers who use the rich folklore of the Duchy to entertain. Including the most famous Cornishman in history King Arthur.

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