Friday, 15 October 2010

Message from Our Leader

This Sunday will mark an important milestone - exactly 200 days until the people of Wales go to the polls in the Welsh General Election. An election in which we could see the strongest ever Plaid team elected, not to the Assembly of today, but to the first Welsh Parliament in over 600 years.
So why am I writing to you today? Simply because we have a huge task ahead of us. Every one of you gives generously to the party every year. In fact, there is no other party that can say that they have a more generous and a more loyal group of supporters than we have in Plaid Cymru, and I am eternally grateful for all that you do.
But the coming 200 days will be crucial not just for the next year, but for the next decade.
Firstly, we need the resources to make sure of a resounding Yes vote to create a proper Parliament for our nation come next March.
Secondly, we’ve got just 200 days to tell people about the exciting vision we as a party have for transforming our nation in the next decade. Everyone in Wales has a right to hear our message and share in our vision, and there is a duty on us to ensure that this message reaches every person in Wales. In order to achieve this we need money, a financial investment but with priceless returns!
This year, the usual Glyndŵr Financial Appeal will be replaced with our 200 days appeal, I’m asking you to join with me and contribute to our country’s future.
For Wales
Ieuan Wyn Jones

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