Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The End of the Party

At the End of the Party - Britain is in a sorry state. There are broken windows, upturned furniture, drinks spilled on the floor, graffiti on the walls, torn furnishings, broken glass lying around,  food trodden into the carpets, doors swinging on their hinges and the lights left on...This is the legacy of Labour after 13 years of misrule, squander and extravagance. It will take some time to organise the clean-up operations and restore this "united country". this "sceptred isle" to anythig like its former condition.

There is a way, and that is to allow its constituent nations to forge their own destiny and take over control of their separate affairs. By so doing they will restore a sense of pride and identity among their peoples. It will create a new impetus and strengthen democracy by giving the people the power to govern themselves, rather than be obliged to conform to the dictates of those who are not fit to govern..


SNP MP and Westminster campaign co-ordinator, Stewart Hosie, said continuing revelations over strained relations within Downing Street were symptomatic of the dysfunction at the heart of the Labour Government. 
Amid continuing allegations of bullying and suggestions at the weekend that Jack Straw – one of the most senior figures in Brown’s Government – plotted against him, Chancellor Alistair Darling has now claimed that “the forces of hell” were unleashed against him over his assessment of the recession by Gordon Brown’s advisers. 
Commenting, Mr Hosie said:
“These revelations are symptomatic of dysfunction at the very heart of the UK Government.
“While they should have been fighting for the UK economy, the highest levels of the Labour Party were fighting each other. 
“It is inconceivable that Gordon Brown did not know what was going on. The Prime Minister needs to put his house in order and investigate the Chancellor’s claims without delay. 
“If he doesn’t already know, he should find out exactly what his advisers were saying – and who told them to say it. 
“With a Prime Minister living on borrowed time, and with Cabinet Members speaking out against him, this Government has lost its last shred of credibility.
“It is time for the public to have its say. Gordon Brown must get on with it, call the election and allow voters to decide whether they want a Government obsessed with itself or SNP MPs committed to working hard for local communities.”

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Syd Morgan said...

Agreed. The bottom line is that the UK is a failed state. Get out of our way!