Saturday, 27 February 2010

Labour Tells it as it is Not

WELSH must NOT vote Labour....

Labour's strategy is to tell the people of Wales that they should vote Labour to keep the Tories out.

This is a false premise. The Tories will win in England and the Welsh vote will not make a difference to a Tory victory. Therefore, the Conservatives will rule for Wales after they form the government.

The people of Wales would do better by voting for Plaid Cymru, a radical and progressive party which has only the interests of the people of Wales at heart. The fact is that Plaid is the Party of Wales, whilst the other parties represent unionist interests. They seek to deny Wales the right of independence by standing for the preservation of the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


From the blog of Jonathan Edwards...

Vote Labour and you get Tory policies.
Since 1997 when New Labour promised ‘things can only get better’:
• Regional and individual wealth polarisation has increased
• 2.3 million children are in poverty
• A million of our young people are unemployed
• There is £1.4 trillion of personal debt circulating in the economy leaving many households debt ridden
• A quarter of all Welsh households live in fuel poverty
• Disposable income amongst the poorest income groups is lower than during the Thatcher area according to the JRF
• The policy response to financial crisis has meant wealth redistribution from the poor and the middle classes to the super rich at an unimaginable scale
For Peter Hain to try and claim the progressive political tradition is about as credible as the investment bankers of the City of London claiming that they deserve their bonuses!

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y soc said...

I'd suggest setting up a charitable organisation; to raise money, to provide jobs, housing and business opportunities for racially aware White people.All these things are linked and must be integrated into a cohesive system.

The challenge is to regain control of the social environment in which White People live; so that socially harmful and hostile influences can be frozen out.

What I'd look for is a dead or dying town in the middle of nowhere, buy it up in toto, and then LEASE out various properties to selected people. The trick is to achieve critical mass so that the town becomes self-supporting.

Finally, no "progressive" liberals need apply!