Monday, 8 February 2010

Five More Years of Labour - a Deadly Scenario?

What would Britain look like after another five years of Labour government?

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1) A highly multi-racial society with a large percentage of citizens residing overseas?
2) A highly taxed socialist society to support state services - the NHS, education, the police?
3) Identity cards and a national DNA data-base with all personal details of every citizen?
4) Freedom of speech restricted by widespread imposition of political correctness?
5) Police given wide-ranging powers of arrest and detention and a clamp-down on dissent?
6) Increased powers for the cabinet and more bureaucracy and state control?
7) Expansion of the civil service and state surveillance operatives?
8) An increase of job opportunities in the state sector at the expense of the private sector?
9) The virtual extinction of nuclear family life with more same-sex "marriages".?
10)Fines and penalties enforced for minor infringement of local laws and regulations?

There are people who might be content to live in this kind of highly regulated society where individual differences are frowned on and individual thought is discouraged, and where everything is predictable and stereotyped. They are not the readers of this blog.


Anonymous said...

A truly frightening scenario.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech can surely mean to be free of choosing the person you want to share your life with. Whether it is a man or a woman. That is every person´s choice. If a man wants to marry a man that is their decision. Wherever people like you agrees or not with it, not everyone have the same opinion you have in every matter. And that is something you will have to learn to live with. Wherever you like it or not, wherever society likes it or not, those men are going to live together some way or another. So it is just useless to think that we can force them to marry women and have children, because they wont anyways. So I don't understand the contradictory points in your post.

By the other hand, europeans, specially british, spanish and french have occupied and have installed themselves all over the earth. You can find europeans in the american continent, Australia, Africa, everywhere. We have invaded and taken over territories that ancestrally belong to other people. Now, some of those people are coming into Europe, and we don´t like it. Well, then lets do something, to maintain your ideal WHITE english society, we need to put things in place and by that I mean that all black, indian etc.. people who live in UK would have to go back to their original countries. But then I quess native americans should be entitled to recover their lands and all white people of british origin have to go back to UK. That means, only from USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc.. you would have to relocate at least 300 million people back to where they came from, to the UK.

Just one question, where are you going to put them? Or does your racial understanding of geography work only one way?

We europeans have been the ones who started this by colonizing and invading those territories abroad. Taking all resources from them, and making those countries our ECONOMIC SLAVES for centuries, by using THE IMPOSED MILITARY FORCE.

Now, don´t you understand that we have produced those people to be forced to abandon their own countries searching for a better life?

Do you complain about foreigners behavior in UK. Well, we europeans went to those countries, killing, raping, stealing their gold, etc...

I don´t think we are any better than they are...

I don´t think you are in any way more tolerant and defender of individual freedom than any labourist...

So please, move on... or post something that makes more sense

alanindyfed said...

I think you have completely misunderstood what I am saying. We are not on the same page! I am moving on. It is Labour that is standing still.