Sunday, 7 February 2010

New SDLP Leader Elected

The SDLP is the second nationalist party in the north of Ireland after Sinn Fein. Now it has a new leader in Margaret Ritchie to champion the cause of civil rights in Ireland. Both parties work for the unification of Ireland but are opposed by the Democratic Unionist Party and the Unionist Party which believe in retaining the connection with Britain. All parties are committed to power sharing according to the Friday Agreement, partly because a breakdown would bring about the possibility of communal strife, a scenario too awful to contemplate.
The nationalist parties seek to bring about a healing process which will inevitably lead to union with the Republic now that the devolution of powers from Westminster reaches its conclusion.

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Hundreds of Irish people from the South drive into the North of Ireland every day to do their shopping as goods are cheaper in the sterling area. The time has come for northern Ireland to adopt the Euro.

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