Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Scotland's Independence Gains Momentum

Gordon Brown hints at U-turn over Scottish independence referendum

Gordon Brown has performed a U-turn by saying he may authorise a referendum on Scottish independence after the recession is over.

For the first time, the Prime Minister said it was a “possibility” a future Labour Government would stage a vote on breaking up Britain, albeit not in the short term.
But he attacked the SNP by arguing that politicians should focus on dragging the country out of the economic mire instead of obsessing about the constitution.

Comment: but can we trust them? 
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From the SNP:

SNP Constitutional Affairs Spokesperson, Pete Wishart MP, has called on the Labour Party in Scotland to make their position on holding a Scottish referendum clear after their colleagues in the UK Parliament and Welsh Assembly backed two other referenda in the space of 12 hours.
Senior members of the Labour party have consistently claimed it is inappropriate to discuss a holding a referendum on Scotland's constitutional future during an economic downturn.
Commenting Mr Wishart said: "The hypocrisy of the Labour Party is stunning. In one day, they backed two separate referenda in the House of Commons and the Welsh Assembly and in doing so blew their own argument against a referendum on Scotland's constitutional future out the water.
"Iain Gray needs to be clear. Will the Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament continue to oppose a referendum on Scotland's future or will they join the clear majority and back an independence poll?
"The people of Scotland must have their say over their constitutional future. Labour cannot run scared any longer."

If and when Scotland gains independence:
Scotland would keep the monarchy
Scotland would join the EU
Scotland would not join NATO
Scotland would probably join the eurozone
Scotland would change its name to Alba
Scotland would take over its oil and gas reserves
Scotland would make its own laws without interference

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kerdasi amaq said...

If the EU stills exists by the time Scotland independence is recognised.

Independence is a demand for equality!