Wednesday, 24 February 2010

YES - the only answer for Wales

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      There now seems an increasing possibility that the promised referendum on the additional powers for the National Assembly may take place this year. It is not too soon to be thinking about how the grass roots campaign for a ”Yes” vote is to be mobilised.

                  To be successful, it is important that it is not confined to politicians who might be thought to have a vested interest but should be widely representative of all walks of life and all political opinions.  The Parliament for Wales Campaign, though small in numbers, could be a starting point for the compilation of a longer list of supporters to campaign together during the referendum campaign.

                  It is not our intention, as the Parliament for Wales Campaign, to assume a lead role in this campaign – we see our selves more as a catalyst to help bring together the much broader alliance that is needed to win the vote. But, in the absence of any other organisation taking the initiative, we have agreed to convene a meeting of potentially interested organisations (churches, trade unions, political parties, business leaders, voluntary organisations etc.)   to take place shortly after the General Election unless, of course a broadly – based organisation already has been created by then. Between now and the General Election we shall be endeavouring to persuade others to set up such an organisation.

                  At this stage we wish to compile a list of everyone and anyone who is willing and likely to be available to take an active part in the referendum campaign.  Contact PFWC  47 Wingfield Rd  Cardiff CF14 1NJ

                  Our perspective is to make all these confirmed names and addresses available to the new broadly – based campaign to set up local campaigns in every constituency. It will be very helpful to have these lists ready before the referendum date is known.
 Alan Jobbins

General Secretary 

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