Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And Then There Were Four.....

Alex Salmond closes in on Sky election debate

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by David Allen
It looks as if there could be another politician standing up to ask questions during the promised general election TV debates.
Up until now the leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond, has been kept away from the debates, leaving only the big three party leaders up there to take centre stage.
But the satellite TV provider BSkyB, has been sympathetic to the SNP leader’s case that he should be up there too, considering his position as Scotland’s First Minister.
The issue for the other parties is that Alex Salmond could not become Prime Minister of the UK at this election and therefore should be satisfied with the Scottish version of the election debates.
Now it looks as if BSkyB is willing to allow the SNP Leader to ask one question on each subject as well as giving his views.
Could this be the deal breaker that sees the election debates cancelled entirely?


The Ever-Open Eye said...

It's a shame that your hero Alex Salmond doesn't ask a few questions about the paedophile ring that seems to flourish under his nose.



The Ever-Open-Eye said...

What's up, alanindyfed, why no response? You've usually got so much to say.

Let's try again.

Please give your opinion on the cover-up of paedophile activities, in Scotland, that your hero, Alex Salmond, appears to be failing to question.

In your own time.