Friday, 13 June 2008

Ireland's Lesson on Democracy

From the Scots blog: Tartan Hero.....

The big lesson in this triumph of democracy over state diplomacy is that a small country of 3 million* people has brought 26 other countries of 360 million to heel. So the next time someone says Scotland couldn't cope on its own in Europe, remind them what the Irish did.

* - actually 4.34 million.


Anonymous said...

4.34 million actually!

Alan in Dyfed said...

Yes, that's what I thought!

kerdasi amaq said...

I'm one of them; I don't want Ireland to have the same relationship with Brussels that Wales has with Westminster.

Robert Douglas said...

I am closer to despair for my Country than I have ever been. On this day, when Parliament ratified the Treaty which strips us of the last vestiges of our sovereignty, it is my understanding that Parliament has gone to war against the People of Britain.
When the Queen assents to the Treaty within the next 24 hours, she too will have performed the last great act of Royal treason of her reign, for our Constitution Forbids Her To Alienate Our Sovereignty To A Foreign Power. Sovereignty stems from, and resides within, the People.
The Queen, in fact, becomes redundant from the moment she signs the bill to ratify the Treaty; in handing over British sovereignty to a foreign power, the EU, she ceases to be a Sovereign ruler herself.
I do not believe that the Tories will ever rescue our Country and restore our sovereignty:- there remains only one political party which has the clear will to do so; that party is the BNP.