Friday, 13 June 2008

Another Referendum for Cymru?

ITN - 1 hour 15 minutes ago

The United Nations has said that the UK must consider whether they should keep the Royal Family.
The UN's Human Rights Council said the Government should 'think' about holding a referendum on the issue, to see if people would prefer to live in a Republican state with a written constitution.
The monarchy costs each adult in Britain around 62p a year - but even groups representing taxpayers said there was no case for getting rid of it.

The council has 29 members including Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Sri Lanka.
It was the Sri Lankan envoy who raised concerns over the British monarchy.
But a Royal spokesman has said the public haven't haven't displayed any appetite for a referendum.
The UN report was also critical of the UK's treatment of immigrants from Sudan.
Syria accused the UK of discriminating against Muslims and Iran complained about the UK's record on tackling sexual discrimination.

Note:Ireland has voted "NO" to the Lisbon Treaty. This is because Ireland is the most democratic country in the Western World. Ireland has fully embraced the concept of freedom of choice. The Lisbon Treaty, though ratified by 18 European nations, does not allow for full consultation on its provisions and does not display democratic assent. Ireland has stood up to the moghuls of Europe. Europe should heed the lesson that the will of all the peoples of the European Union must be heeded and respected.

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