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An Indefatigable Campaigner for Cymru?

Gethin is concerned that CADW does not do nearly enough for Wales. He has a point. Here is what he is saying :

A Welsh Heritage Watch - Furthering Research, Review and Reports on Welsh History, its Preservation and Presentation. Encouraging Studies, Work and Campaigns to Present and Promote a National Interpretation of Welsh History through the ages. Prompting when and where needed Cymric Consciousness Campaigning, not least demanding return of stolen National Treasures and National Artefacts of Antiquity and later History.

Friday, 23 May 2008
WHW: CADW = CONQUERED AND DEFEATED WALES? Bit Harsh But There You Go! What are we supposed to think?

Ymgyrch Treftadaeth Cymru and these Welsh Heritage Watch Posts in this blog are in the main dedicated to a broad concern regards our National Heritage, in particular regards our National History. Not least YTC & WHW are most concerned regards how ''Official Bodies'' behave and work in respect to our National Heritage and History, as far as our "BUILT HERITAGE" is concerned we can somewhat relax. Relax, for not only do we have the RCAHMW fighting the corner of ancient monuments, Civic Trust concerned with historic buildings and historically important architectural matters etc. There is also the National Trust also concerned with ''The Built Heritage of Wales'' and with such as the National Parks and Forestry Commission concerned with landscape, as is Cadw? Cadw is so concerned that one of it's major activities is also based around a REGISTER of LANDSCAPES of HISTORIC INTEREST in WALES. To complement this excellent work, they have published a most wonderful booklet. This booklet 'HISTORIC LANDSCAPES' is beautifully produced with magnificent photographs which introduces one and all to what Cadw policies are regards our Landscape.

Do send for a copy and note they also have a series of individual landscape brochures too. I must also note that the RCAHMW are also in business of producing great Welsh Landscape fotos, and have them on a data base which you can access. Would it not be fantastic, if between them both, that is Cadw & RCAHMW, they could put up on web, even publish as booklet similar on Welsh Battlefields, I dream on but will not hold my breath.

How could anyone knock it? Well! of course we cannot knock this work but I can knock Cadw for then putting forward other priorities, and not considering Welsh Battlefields as much a priority as does English Heritage and Historic Scotland regards Battlefields in their countries. I note Cadw concern on behalf of WAG re need to list buildings of architectural importance in the 'Townscape of Wales', and indeed more virtue? But it seems too many of these ''bodies'' aforementioned are making it somewhat of a Vice, this ''Built Heritage of Wales''. At the same time DODGING, DUCKING & DIVING OUT OF THE WAY WHEN IT COMES TO WELSH BATTLEFIELDS, if your still not convinced with all I have to say on this matter, then for starters when you have obtained the above lovely landscape publication, see how many times you cam see the word 'BATTLEFIELD' mentioned, I will tell you ''NOT ONCE!'' unless, I blinked? Villas & Romans, Castles & Normans, Monasteries & Monks and Farms and Farming, YES! However, not a sniff of Gunpowder or rather I mean an echo of the clash of swords across ''Cadw's Brit Historic Landscape of Wales". Now I wonder why?

Please note that there may be problems getting into the following website via Cadw, as it's under re-construction, keep trying but also try below at Cached - Similar Pages. Cadw The official guardian of the built heritage of Wales. Sensitive maps and lists lead to photographs and brief descriptions of the 129 monuments in State care - 19k - Cached - Similar pages * Places to Visit * Contact Cadw * Work for Cadw * Membership * Publications* About Cadw * Events * Site Map * More results from »

Historic Scotland - the official website Historic Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Executive and we are charged with safeguarding the nation’s historic environment and promoting its - 17k - Cached - Similar pages * Places to visit * Events * Listed Buildings * Membership * News Article * Weddings
Online Shop * News Please note, that if you go direct to a web search for Historic Scotland, there will come up along with above detail, a means of quick direct search of HS website, search SCOTTISH BATTLEFIELDS and you will immediately be linked to loads of references, do the same with Cadw, guess what ZILCH!!!! Dare you then to say I am complaining about nothing? But I can complain until I am blue, green & red in the face, and Cadw & Co will not bat an eyelid, unless you, yes you! join me in this campaign and start writing letters complaining, not only to Cadw & Co. Most importantly, please write to your MP and as important WAG in the Bay, as Cadw is a department of the Assembly as is the RCAHMW and VISIT WALES, so I suspect it's the AM's that will have the biggest say on this matter. Please write to them, and write now to MP's, AM's and Councillors. Not least letters to the press will be of great advantage in making this a matter of public interest and concern. If you want further information on this Welsh Battlefield Campaign see previous posts in this blog and over at I'R GAD WBfC

I conclude with posting here extracts from Scottish Heritage documents, that say a great deal as to their concern regards Scottish Battlefields. Note in their website there is an whole section devoted to Scottish Battlefields to get into this, click link to 'Looking After Our Heritage', see menu on left and click into Valuing Our Heritage and in here you will see a section headed Battlefields, terrific!!!! If only we could read the same coming out of Cadw & Co, which includes RCAHMW and WAG in particular, though I guess the Civic Trust, National Trust, National Parks, Forestry Commission and not least VISIT WALES too. Now read on, of Scotland's Concerns and action on behalf of their Nation's Battlefields:

Scottish Battlefields

Battles were often iconic events in Scottish history, and battlefields form an important part of our historic environment. Physical features or memorials associated with battle sites are scheduled or listed when they can be. For example, the battle sites of Glenshiel ((1719) where breastworks survive above the valley floor) and Culloden ((1746) where various cairns and graves are scheduled) are scheduled as monuments of national importance. Some buildings or memorials associated with battles, such as the clan monument at Sherrifmuir, are listed. Battlefields can also be protected through the planning process and can be a material consideration in the planning system and formally recognised through appropriate policy in development plans. Responsibility for the protection of battlefields through the planning process lies with local planning authorities.However, in the majority of cases battlefields cannot be given statutory protection because they do not have any visible physical remains and there is often not enough documentary evidence to allow the site to be delineated accurately on a map. Historic Scotland is working to improve the protection of this aspect of our cultural heritage by establishing a policy for their protection, in our series Scotland’s Historic Environment Policies (SHEPS) - these can be viewed and downloaded from our publications section.To inform this work we recently commissioned the Battlefield Trust to compile a report on the issues and a gazetteer of key sites We are now developing this work further with a view to creating an Inventory of battlefields. The draft policy and the proposed Inventory will be available for public consultation in due course.

There are so many documents in both these websites, that it will take be a year and a day to go through them all, if you do and spot anything that I might have missed and need to know do tell me via This may be on matters of Welsh Battlefields or any area of our History regards how Cadw & Co deal with such compared to Historic Scotland and English Heritage. Coming up, I hope before my break away from blogging during most of June & July, I hope to deal with more matters concerning HANES yn y TIRWEDD with particular reference to the National Parks, Forestry Commission and National Trust and whom ever crops up on my Radar Screen?

Gethin Gruffydd.

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