Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Matter of Expediency

For the moment a flame has been quenched. Realistically there was no way that the English Establishment, would allow the dissolution of the British state. Therefore the media, the bankers, the lawyers, the economists, the industrialists and the Queen, were all assembled to oppose the movement for independence and to convince the undecided Scottish voters, by fair means and foul,  of the uncertainties and possible dangers of such a venture. Catalunya, take note, for you face a similar conclusion. 

All means were employed to ensure that the Noes would win the day, and no doubt many underhand methods were in operation, quite apart from the propaganda and scare-mongering tactics which politicians, of whatever persuasion, bring into play to swing the vote. Yet, the people of Scotland who remain loyal to their nation will live to fight another day. The forces of change are inexorable once invoked and only time will be the final arbiter.

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