Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Disintegrating "No" Campaign

Unionist leaders to campaign in Scotland

The announcment was dismissed as "hype" by Mr Salmond, who said that there was nothing new in the package.
"This is the day that the No campaign finally fell apart at the seams," he said during a photocall outside Edinburgh's St Giles Cathedral with EU citizens who have the right to vote in the referendum.
"This is a retreading, a repackaging, retimetabling about what they said in the spring.
"It's totally inadequate, it's not enough. It's nothing approaching the powers that Scotland needs to create jobs, to save the health service and build a better society.
"The polls at the weekend, which caused so much panic in the breasties of the No campaign, actually showed that independence was the most popular option.
"And of course David Cameron and George Osborne, their one red-line issue in setting up this referendum was not to allow devo max, as it is called, on to the ballot paper.
"So to actually produce something which is far short of that, which is weak, insipid and has already been discounted by the Scottish people with days to go in the campaign, after hundreds of thousands of people have already voted, is a sign of the total disintegration of the No campaign.
"I've never seen a campaign disintegrate in the way that the No campaign is disintegrating at the moment."
With the three party leaders out on the campaign trail tomorrow, the Leader of the Commons William Hague will stand in for Mr Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions.

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