Friday, 21 November 2014

Scotland`s phoenix and Labour`s demise

Scotland "voted" No in the independence referendum. After the referendum polls were done to ascertain people`s voting intentions, and the results were reversed with a majority saying they would vote Yes if it were to be re-run.

Scottish Labour is in melt-down, Ed Milliband is highly unpopular, and Labour would lose most of its Scottish MP`s in the next general election, while the SNP would gain 45 (it now has 2).

Then, the SNP have announced that should the UK vote to leave Europe in a referendum they will definitely hold a second independence referendum, as they wish to remain in Europe.

Lastly, SNP and Plaid Cymru members would not support the Conservatives in a new government.

NOTE: The Catalan people voted for independence from Spain in an "illegal" referendum and 80% voted in favour.

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