Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cymru Needs You!

Today marks an important landmark - exactly 6 months until the Welsh general election.
Over 10 years ago, at the opening on our National Assembly in 1999, the group The Alarm sang a new version of their famous song called 'A New Wales'.  The emotive words "Great is the need for a new Wales" signaled the new beginning of democracy in our country with the birth of our Assembly. 
Ten years on, against the backdrop of cuts and economic crisis, the call for a new Wales is very much rekindled. The need for a proper parliament and fresh ambition and to meet the challenging times ahead has never been greater.
I'm sure we'll all be cheering for Wales on the rugby pitch over the next month of autumn international, but I'm also asking you to join with me and ensure that we're equally as vocal for Wales off the pitch over the coming months.
The next 6 months give us an opportunity move towards this new Wales. We need to be cheering as loudly for a YES vote in the referendum as we do when Shane Williams crosses the line for a try, and  need to be as vocal in our communities about Plaid's ambition for Wales as we are when Stephen Jones slots over the winning kick.
Our nation deserves nothing less. 
For Wales
Ieuan Wyn Jones


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