Monday, 1 November 2010

All for One and One for All

Saltash Rally - more at Keep Cornwall Whole
Dear Friend

You recently made a comment on the Keep Cornwall Whole website and, together, everyone's comments make up a very powerful case for keeping Cornwall whole. Unfortunately the threat to Cornwall's integrity has not yet been removed.  Government has given no assurances, and are at present, unbending in wanting to see a 'one size fits all' approach to determine constituencies - apart, that is, from two constituencies in Scotland. Furthermore, the national borders of Wales and Scotland will also not be affected by this Bill.

MPs will debate Cornwall on Monday, and the Cornish MPs are saying there is everything to play for. If you haven't written to Messrs Cameron and Clegg, please do so. If you have - please write again!  Why not include a Cornish flag (only £1-2 from Trago, or online, or locally) with your letter.  And to further emphasise Cornish distinctiveness please see below for phrases and paragraphs in the Cornish language to use.  (Apparently, the PM is obliged to have a translation of anything he receives in a language other than English).

The e-mail addresses for David Cameron is

The address for Nick Clegg is

More information here:
Please forward to your family and friends! 

Meur ras, hag oll an gwella,

Adam Killeya and the Keep Cornwall Whole team

Phrases and paragraphs in Cornish to use
Dear Prime Minister
I am writing to you to request that Government guarantees to preserve Cornwall as a discrete political unit with parliamentary constituencies remaining in their entirety within Cornwall as both a Duchy and as an administrative county. You will be aware that the border between Cornwall and England is more significant in legal terms than the border between Wales and England, with the heir to the throne deriving his unique sovereign powers and privileges from being Duke of Cornwall, not Prince of Wales.
Furthermore, Cornwall's economy and highly developed sense of community and identity rests on its territorial integrity which is clearly delimited by the Tamar. The capacity to develop and flourish both economically and as a cohesive community will be undermined in both the short and long term if mistakes are made once more and an artificial and destructive 'Devonwall' framework is once more imposed by central government.
Yours sincerely
A Bennmenyster ker,
Yth esov vy ow skrifa dhywgh dhe wovyn y hwra an Governans surhe gwitha Kernow avel unnses politek diblans gans pastellow-vro senedhek ow triga y’ga ferfydhder a-ji dhe Gernow avel Duketh hag ynwedh avel konteth venystrek. Hwi a wra aswon bos an or ynter Kernow ha Pow Sows moy a vri yn yeth lahel ages an or ynter Kembra ha Pow Sows, gans an her dhe’n se ow kavos y alosow sovran dibarow ha gwiryow arbennek hag ev Duk a Gernow, ha nyns yw avel Pennsevik a Gembra.
Pella, erbysieth Kernow ha klewans ugh-displegys a gemenieth ha honanieth yw drehevys war hy ewnhynseth diredhel hag yw yn kler merkys gans an Tamar. Y fydh an gallos dhe dhisplegya ha seweni yn erbysek hag ynwedh avel kemenieth gesklenus disevys y’n termyn berr hag ynwedh y’n termyn hir, mars yw kammgemeryans gwrys unnweyth arta ha framweyth ‘Devonwall’ kisus ha fals yw unnweyth arta behys gans governans kresel.
Yn lel
Dear Mr Cameron           Mr. Cameron ker,
KEEP CORNWALL'S BORDER      Gwren gwitha or Kernow!
Our border defines who we are - Cornish.  Surely your integrity as a human being would demand that you respect that border.
Yma amal agan pow ow styrya piw on - Kernowyon. Agas ewnhynseth avel den a dal 'gas rekwirya dhe wul reowta dhe'n or na, sur. 
Yours sincerely,
Yn lel,
In summary we argue that to join parts of Cornwall to parts of Devon for Parliamentary purposes would clearly go not only across local boundaries, but also across regional boundaries – some would argue across national boundaries. We strongly urge that Cornwall is included with the other regions which have been granted exception under the provisions of this Bill in order to respect and protect Cornwall's border, and accommodate the very large economic, cultural and social distinctions that exist between Cornwall and neighbouring Devon.
Yn tiwedha ni a dhadhel rag rannow a Gernow dhe vos omjunys dhe rannow a Dhewnens rag purposow Senedhek a dremensa oryon teythyek mes oryon ranndirel ynwedh - y tatthlo nebes tremena oryon kenedhlek.  Ni a dhyn yn krev bos Kernow yn-mysk ranndiryow erel re beu grontys namm yn-dann an proviansow an Skrifen ma rag ri bri ha gwitha or Kernow, ha dhe ostya diblansethow erbysiethek, gonisogethek ha kowethasek pur vras eus yntra Kernow ha'y hentrevek Dewnens.

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