Thursday, 25 November 2010

Blame the Banking Crisis - Not the Lib Dems


A pledge was made by the Lib Dems before the election. Before the election the Lib Dems were in opposition to the Labour government. After the election everything changed - the Lib Dems formed a Coalitition with the Conservatives and joined the government as equal partners.
In order to work effectively a Coalition  of two parties requires compromise. It involves give and take and an acceptance of economic realities. Despite their political beliefs, high principles and heartfelt desires and against their better judgement both Tories and liberals acted in the best interests of the coalition and the nations of Britain. Sections of the media, TV interviewers, student leaders apparently fail to grasp the sheer necessity for their stand in the light of the greatest calamity that has befallen the nations of Europe since the Great Depression. The causes of this are plain to see: 
indiscriminate borrowing;
lack of banking regulation;
gross extravagance;
inflated salaries in the public sector;
corrupt banking practices;
inflation of the property market;
government waste of public money. 

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