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Celtic Nations' Freedom Struggle Links



Celtic Legacy

There was a time on this earth when the Celtic people ruled over most of Europe, from the far flung British Isles, to Spain, Gaul, Italy and even parts of Turkey. Today the descendants of the Celts are forced into submission by every government. Very few modern Celts can say that they live in freedom. Yet at the same time there are resistance movements in every one of the recognized seven European Celtic nations; Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Galicia. At present Scotland, Wales,the Isle of Man, Cornwall, and 6 counties of Ireland are under the oppressive thumb of the British state while Brittany is part of the Fifth Republic of France and Galicia shares the fate of the Basque people in Spain.

Brehon Law Code
Celtic Chariot
Dying Gaul
Gallic Wars 
List of the Celtic Tribes
Vercingetorix vs. Caesar

Languages of the Celts

The way to true freedom is to not be dependent on the language and cultural norms of the country that is dominant. The Celtic language was one of the original elements that used to hold the Celts together. In time the languages of the Celts have come close to extinction time and time again. Unfortunately the original Celtic language of the Galicians has been lost and Galician is now a Romance language, more akin to Latin than to the tongue of the Gaels. If you are interested in learning any of the languages I recommend you find a native speaker of the language and learn via that medium, but if you are unable to find someone and are forced to learn online then these links will give at least a beginning introduction into the language. 

Galician Gaeilge-Irish Gaelic
Gaidhlig-Scottish Gaelic

Autonomy and Devolution

In the past few months the question of Devolution in the occupied 6 counties of Ireland, Scotland and Wales has come up partly thanks to the "New Labour Party". At the same time Galicia is an autonomous region in Spain and the Isle of Man is considered a protectorate of the UK. But in reality no matter what name is given to these occupied countries, there is no choice that is right for the people but indepedence. Both autonomy and devolution offer a limited amount of freedom to the people, but it is all a mask for the government still has the controlling say, much akin to the "reservations" that the US government have set up for the American Indian nations. What is freedom if it is dependent on your oppressor for any limited powers? Our Celtic heritage in the British Isles should not give in to the dictates of the Parliament at Westminster and our Galician cousins should not give in to the power of Madrid. 

"Northern Ireland" Devolution Page
Official Scottish Devolution Page
 Welsh Devolution Page
English Devolution Page
Webpage of the Isle of Man
Official Government Webpage of the Autonomous Region of Galicia

The North of Ireland

After the 1921 Partition of Ireland the Counties of Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone  were kept within the dominion of the United Kingdom. Until 1950 there was a continued state of warfare by the Republican population of the 6 counties in the effort to reunite the 6 with the rest of Ireland. However in the early 1950's support for the armed rebellion faded and along with the IRA. In 1969 when the new era of  struggle began with the beating of Human Rights Activists by the RUC and Loyalist groups. Recently there was a  breakthrough in the attempt to resolve the violence, an accord  known as the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). Unfortunately the Unionist political groups are unwilling to live up to the letter of the accord in favor of their own personal political ambitions. The anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement has come and gone, and still no progress has been made in the situation in the North of Ireland. Without full cooperation of all parties involved, peace will still elude everyone. 

Fire In The North: A History of the Violence in the North of Ireland. Written by the Web Master
Full text of the Good Friday Agreement
Indepth look at the Orange Order
Indepth look at the Republican Paramilitaries
More Republican Pages
Unionists and Loyalists
Would you want THIS in your neighborhood? 

The Future of the Celtic people

Today the Celtic people are no longer limited to Europe but have travelled the world and have set up some of the finest governments in the world. The Celtic people in Europe now have a bright future ahead if only the will is there. In these days of the European Union the colonial attitudes of the UK, France and Spain will not be able to continue. The opportunity has presented itself for all and every Celtic nation to declare its independence. When this happens the Celts of the world must unite in collaboration  and help one another  to achieve their rights. These links will give you a quick overview of the present and future of the Celtic people and show the different circumstance in which they live.

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Xoan Oreiro Las said...

Indeed thats a wonderfull dream that I share from Galicia or Gallaecia as many refer to us yet I'm truely confident that it will happen one day even sonner that many expect once that this very dream of some kind of federation formed betwen celt brothers is increasing as I could observe during a few interceltic festivals like the Lorient and the Manx's festivals