Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hot on the Heels of Scotland

With Alex Salmond's pronouncement on the programme for Independence which will occupy parliamentary procedure for the next year, as well as the appointment of David Jones, an arch-unionist and anti-devolutionary, as Secretary of State for Wales, it behoves all Welsh nationalists of whatever shade of political opinion to strive even harder and push for Welsh Independence hot on the heels of Scotland. The next two years will be critical in the long struggle towards independence by the two Celtic nations. The retreat of the Britons in AD 600 following the Battle of Chester brought about the separation of the North Britons of Cumbria and Strathclyde and the West Britons of Wales and Cornwall. The two countries are linked by custom, culture, ethnicity and tradition. Yet in these modern times I suggest that nationality should be determined by allegiance alone and not by ethical considerations. One of the SNP's most vocal and effective patriots is of Asian parentage.

The vision of Cymru Fydd is undimmed. Despite those unionists who have been promoted into high positions in the British heirarchy by a Conservative-led government in Westminster and the determination of that government to maintain the status quo, the choice is open for the peoples of Wales and Scotland, an opportunity which will not be available beyond 2014, to embrace their destiny and assert their independence and thus create free and sovereign self-governing nations. 

Cymru - hot on the heels of Alban; Kernow - hot on the heels of Cymru; Breizh (Brittany) - hot on the heels of Kernow - free from domination and proud of their inheritance.


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