Friday, 12 March 2010

Scrap the Redundant Scottish and Wales Offices

Former Scottish Secretary, Ian Lang, has said that the position of Secretary of State for Scotland ‘no longer has any influence in the cabinet’, ‘pads out the cabinet’ and 'defies credibility’. Commenting on his outburst in the House of Lords, the SNP’s Shadow Scotland Office spokesperson Angus MacNeil MP said it was an embarrassment for today’s Tories and an indictment of Jim Murphy’s running of the department.

Commenting Mr MacNeil said:

“This is another seriously embarrassing snub for David Mundell. Not only has he been sidelined the Tory high command in London for the General Election campaign but any ambitions he has are being criticised by the Tory old guard.

“Considering how rumours abound that he will even be overlooked for the position of Scottish Secretary it doesn’t say much for his stock in the Tory party.

“These comments from Ian Lang are also an indictment on Jim Murphy’s running of the Scotland Office. It is a judgement on how he has simply abused the office for Labour campaign purposes as is evident from their use of dodgy dossiers. It should be abolished and the money better spent on creating or protecting ordinary people’s jobs in Scotland.

“This outburst underlines little there is to choose from between Labour and the Tories. Only the SNP is standing against their cuts programme. Only with more Nat MPs will there be less cuts from London.”

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