Saturday, 13 March 2010

Abandon Those Wasteful Nukes

SNP Leader Alex Salmond led a march against Trident through Edinburgh and told the crowd that only a vote for the SNP was a vote against Trident.
Scottish National Party leader and First Minister Alex Salmond MSP joined Reverend Ian Galloway, CND Chair Kate Hudson, MPs and MSPs,  actor David Hayman, and hundreds of ordinary Scots in a march through Edinburgh protesting against the replacement of Trident on Saturday 12th March 2010. 

Addressing the crowd, Mr Salmond said that Trident would be a central issue in the General Election campaign, and that the decision to waste £100,000 million on new nuclear missiles while public services are under threat was "indefensible and obscene".

Mr Salmond said:

"There is massive opposition to dumping a new generation of weapons of mass destruction in Scotland.  The Scottish Parliament has voted against the 'son of Trident', a majority of Scottish MPs reject it, and it is going to be a central issue in the General Election campaign.

"At a time when Westminster is imposing cuts in public services to deal with Labour's recession, with much deeper cuts planned in the future, and the Scottish Government's budget is falling in real terms for the first time since devolution, to waste £100 billion on weapons of mass destruction is indefensible and obscene.

"Any way you look at it - on moral, financial, or defence grounds - renewal of Trident is completely untenable, and I believe that position can prevail in the General Election.

"The tide has well and truly turned on Trident - and the General Election offers the opportunity to ensure that weapons of mass destruction are banished from Scotland forever."

Comment: another reason to vote SNP and make Scotland a neutral non-aggressive country and at the same time save billions of pounds.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. The majority of Scots don't want this awful (and unusable) weapon in our country.

It is, as the boss said, totally indefensible and absolutely obscene to spend this kind of money on this WMD, while people are starving and freezing to death in Scotland. Not to mention the fact that soldiers are dying for the want of equipment costing a fraction of that amount.

We don't need this stuff; we can't and won't use it, and if the English want it, then let them have it on their ground.

Excellent post.

kerdasi amaq said...

heh heh, you sure the Scots won't need it, to put manners on the English?

Anonymous said...