Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Scots Prepare for Electoral Success

....and a Hung Parliament?

Chancellor must use Budget to freeze fuel duty

On the eve of the 2010 UK Budget, SNP Treasury Spokesman Stewart Hosie MP has called on the UK Government to freeze fuel duty and back SNP measures to stabilise fuel prices. As part of a Fair Fuel Campaign launched at SNP Spring Conference, SNP activists have been campaigning across Scotland for fair fuel prices.

The SNP are pressurising the UK Government to rule out further cuts to Scotland’s budget on top of the £814m reduction already planned and give greater clarity over future Scottish budgets to allow the Scottish Government to plan more effectively for the next Scottish spending review.

The SNP will continue their campaign for accelerated capital spending.

Commenting, SNP Treasury Spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP said:

“Rocketing fuel prices are putting a massive strain on household budgets across Scotland.

“Not only do sky high petrol prices affect motorists, they also have a knock on effect hauliers and drives up the prices of basic goods in shops.

“As the price of filling up an average family car heads towards the £100 mark, the SNP are saying enough is enough. At this Budget, the Chancellor must freeze fuel duty with immediate effect and back the SNP’s proposal for a fuel duty regulator which would even out these massive price increases.

“With the General Election looming, this Budget could be Alistair Darling’s last chance to deliver for Scotland. Until Scotland becomes independent, the UK Treasury controls many essential policy levers. This must be a Budget which delivers jobs for communities across Scotland, not good headlines for Labour.

“The Chancellor must rule out rises in National Insurance - taxing jobs in the midst of a recession is absolute madness.

“He also needs to continue with the fiscal stimulus. The UK is the only G7 to be removing it next year – risking a double dip recession. Cutting Scotland’s budget in the midst of recession is absolutely the wrong thing to do. He should rule out further cuts to the Scottish budget so the Scottish Government can continue to support jobs and invest in long term, sustainable recovery.

“The SNP Scottish Government has done everything in its power to help the Scottish economy through this Downing Street downturn – but the UK Treasury must match this effort. They must offer greater clarity over future budgets so the SNP Government can invest for the long term good in Scotland.”