Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Scots Can Go it Alone, and they will....

From the SNP
The SNP has urged Scots to make their own decision at the General Election after Labour, joined the Tories in disregarding Scots voters, echoing the actions of broadcasters who are currently ignoring Scotland’s views in the General Election debate.
With fewer than 100 days until a May 6th election opposition parties continue to refuse to treat Scotland’s voters with the respect they deserve.
Last week the Tory leader in Scotland claimed the Conservatives did not need Scotland to govern.  This week one of Labour’s leaders added to the disrespect toward Scots voters by telling them who to vote for – rather than putting a choice before Scotland’s voters.

SNP MP and Campaign Manager Stewart Hosie said:
“The attitude of the UK parties to Scottish politics is deeply disrespectful.
“It is typical UK party politics to ignore the views of actual voters in constituencies and to lecture them on how to vote and how they will be treated.
“The General Election should be about the people of Scotland making a choice not Jim Murphy or Annabel Goldie making it for them.
“Scotland is already being ignored by broadcasters with their focus on debates on English health and education systems that will be largely irrelevant to Scottish viewers, now the UK parties are doing the same – even their Scottish leaders have joined in. 
“The only party talking about what matters to people in constituencies across Scotland is the SNP.
“This kind of opposition arrogance is simply unacceptable.
“Labour can campaign how they like, but the public will make the decision and this kind of arrogance will find no favour.”