Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Power to the People

POWER 2010

With the renewed interest in democratic reform following the expenses scandal, and with less than a year until the general election, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust have launched POWER2010, a major new campaign aiming to change the way politics is done in Britain. POWER2010 is a unique campaign to give everyone the chance to have a say in how our democracy works.

Cymru Yfory - Tomorrow's Wales is a partner in the POWER2010 project, and so we are forwarding you the message below from Helena Kennedy, the Chair of Power2010. We would urge you not only to sign the Power2010 Declaration, but also to send in your ideas for democratic and political reform. It is important that the Welsh perspective, and the question of devolution in general, is taken into account in this UK-wide debate and if enough Cymru Yfory supporters write in we can ensure that happens.


Dear Friend,

Our politics is in trouble. And it's not hard to see where the problem lies.

Our politicians abuse expenses. They pay fines when they break their own laws – but stay in their jobs.

We need to take back control -- of our government, of our politics, and of our democracy. That's why we've started POWER2010, a new movement that will reinvigorate our politics from the bottom up.

Do you believe power should rest with the voters and not with politicians? Click here to sign our declaration for change.

First and foremost, democracy is about the involvement of the people -- people like you and me. We need to act to take power from the hands of the politicians and put it back in ours where it belongs. Do you want a National Assembly in Wales with real law-making powers? A fairer voting system? Cleaner funding? You decide.

Our movement is young – but growing. This is our chance: I hope you take it by signing our declaration for change:


Together we can fix our politics.

Thank you and best wishes,

Helena Kennedy
POWER2010 Chair

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