Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Britain's Draconian Immigration Laws

Britain's immigration laws are nothing short of outrageous. They deserve nothing less than contempt. These Patagonian visitors who wish to visit Wales, their Fatherland, for cultural purposes have once again been denied entry into Britain. The people of Wales should make their voice heard in the corridors of Westminster and at the gates of Whitehall. Those who wish to enter for legitimate reasons are spurned and turned away by this government, while those who enter for nefarious purposes are allowed freedom of entry and the so-called Border Agency is a pathetic farce.


James said...

Okay, so the English Home Office want to play silly beggars with borders. The WAG has responsibility for trunk roads, including those leading to the English border. So come on, Plaid, close them at the border for "urgent repairs". That's the only form of protest the English will understand.

Anonymous said...

This is just another reminder of British racism.

noborderswales said...

Not sure who "those who enter for nefarious purposes are allowed freedom of entry" are.

However there can be no doubt that the UK immigration laws are completely outrageous and the actions of the UK Border Agency are consistently utterly contemptuous.

It is remarkable that in the short time that the UKBA has been an executive government agency it has been able to spread so much misery.