Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Make it Another Place - A Senate House

House of Lords Reform - a timeline

1909 - The House of Lords causes a national outrage by blocking the government’s ‘People’s Budget.’

1911 - Parliament Act: Asserted the supremacy of the House of Commons by limiting the legislation-blocking powers of the House of Lords.

1949 - Parliament Act: Further limited the power of the Lords by reducing the time that they could delay bills, from two years to one.

1945-1951 - Salisbury Convention: Established the principle that the House of Lords will not oppose the second or third reading of any government legislation promised in its election manifesto.

1958 - Life peerages Act: Increased the ability of the Prime Minister to change the composition of the House of Lords and considerably lessened the dominance of hereditary ‘part-time’ peers.

1963 - Peerage Act: Allowed the disclaiming of peerages, and permitted female and Scottish hereditary peers to sit in the House of Lords.

1999 - House of Lords Act: Removed right of hereditary peers to sit in House of Lords, however, 92 hereditary peers were kept.

2007 -The House of Commons vote overwhelmingly in support of either a 100% or 80% elected House of Lords.

20?? - Success: With your help the UK has a fully elected second chamber!

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