Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Date of Scotland´s Referendum

Tomorrow, we will learn the date of Scotland’s independence referendum. It will be an important and historic day for all of us.
If you are speaking to people tomorrow about an independent Scotland, you might find the following conversation points useful.

Also, please spread these messages on Twitter, Facebook, Kiltr and any other social media. Remember: if we are to win we must persuade our fellow Scots with our positive message.
Pledge_Card_thumb.pngWhy not print out or share this card which sets out just three of the reasons why Scotland should vote Yes for a better future in 2014. Click the picture on the right and choose the version you need.
We are happy to answer people’s questions about independence - and we have FAQ on our website.
Scotland’s got what it takes to be an independent country:
Scotland is a wealthy country – when the No campaign talk about Scotland’s economy and finances they often exclude our offshore resources. However, taking all our national wealth, Scotland is the 8th richest country in the world in terms of wealth per head of population. With independence the benefits of this wealth would be felt more directly.

In 2011/12 we generated 9.9% of UK taxes but received only 9.3% of UK spending. This means Scotland’s financial position is stronger than the UK’s as a whole – to the tune of £4.4 billion, or £824 per person.

We have to be independent because Westminster isn’t working for Scotland:
The Westminster system has created the 4th most unequal country in the developed world, with the wealthiest few seeing a massive increase in their income and assets. This leaves the vast majority of people getting less reward than they should for their work and many of us struggling to make ends meet every month.
In just a few weeks changes are being introduced which will see theincome tax rate for a handful of very high earners reduced while financial support for 1 million Scottish families will be cut.
Scotland is wealthy enough to be a fairer nation:
Scotland is the EU’s largest oil producer, with more than half the value of North Sea Oil and Gas still to extract. Oil and gas reserves are expected to contribute over £48 billion in tax revenues over the next 6 years alone. Even without oil and gas our national wealth is currently 99% of the UK average.
We are also blessed with extraordinary renewable energy resources: building for the future, we have 25% of the EU’s potential for offshore wind and tidal energy, and 10% of wave power, altogether worth up to £14 billion each year by 2050.
Our whisky industry exports £4.2 billion worth of produce - 23% of the UK’s food and drink exports; our own food and drink industry is worth £10 billion; tourism generates over £5 billion and sustains 200,000 jobs, the Scottish construction industry is worth around £21.4 billion annually and agricultural output of £2.7 billion is 11.4% of UK total agricultural output.
As you can see, it all adds up to a successful, independent Scotland. The question we should be asking is not whether we can afford to be independent, but rather, why aren’t we doing better economically?
With Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands, we can use our wealth of resources, our own tax base, our talents and ingenuity and great strengths like our excellent international reputation to build a more successful country and a fairer society.

Scotland’s got what it takes to be more prosperous and with a Yes in 2014 we can choose a different path for our nation: instead of the damaging changes to Scottish society being delivered by Westminster, we can choose another way.

Other things you can do to help

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