Friday, 8 April 2011

Votes for Plaid are Votes for Cymru

From Plaid Cymru’s President, Jill Evans MEP
“Plaid Cymru is the only party in this election which is rooted in the communities of Wales and which represents the whole of Wales.  In the Plaid driven One Wales Government we have Plaid Cymru Ministers who understand the needs of rural Wales as well as our urban areas, the south as well as the north.  For the first time since devolution, the regions of Wales have been united behind a programme of government which was tailored to meet the needs of the entire nation.  It would be a total disaster for Wales if Labour were allowed to return to the days when they didn’t serve communities beyond the M4 corridor.  
“Labour’s record clearly demonstrates that it cannot be trusted to be left to its own devices in running Wales.  Its record on education is disastrous.  It took Plaid being in government to save vital local hospital services, and Labour is still in denial about the state of the Welsh economy. Wales cannot afford a decade of decline under Labour.  For the sake of the next generation, it is time to elect a party with ambition for Wales.”  
Speaking ahead of the campaign launch Plaid Cymru’s candidate on the South Wales West list, Bethan Jenkins said:
“We in Plaid have and will continue to do everything in our power to shield  Wales from the worst effects of the Tory and Lib Dem cuts. We will defend jobs, communities and services from their axe. People expect nothing less from us as a party which has spent its 86 year history standing up for Wales when Labour was letting our country down.  
“But in this election, we are not just standing up for Wales – we are fighting for a better Wales when all the other parties around us are caught up in serving their own narrow, party political self-interests.  That’s not Plaid’s way – it never has been - and in this campaign, we will be going out to every street in every community across Wales to promise a government under Plaid that can and will do better.”

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