Monday, 25 April 2011

Threats from the I.R.A. - Why Now?

The warning from the Real IRA was read by a masked man at anEaster Rising commemoration in Derry City Cemetery.
Referring to the police, he said: "...those who turn traitor ...are as liable for execution as anyone else regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation."
It is three weeks since PC Ronan Kerr, a Catholic recruit, was killed by a booby trap bomb planted beneath his car in Omagh.
The group also vowed to ensure the Queen "gets the message" that she is not welcome when she visits Ireland next month.
The statement continued: "The Queen of England is wanted for war crimes in Ireland and not wanted on Irish soil."
The rally was organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movementto mark the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.
In a statement, a masked member of the Real IRA told a crowd in a Londonderry cemetery: "Oglaigh na hEireann [the IRA] urge all self-respecting Irishmen and women to resist the upcoming insult that is the visit of a British monarch to Irish soil, the criminal free state government invite is not on behalf of the Irish people but to further the selfish interests of a self-serving elite.
"Despite the best efforts of the media, big business, and other power blocks to portray this visit as acceptable we clearly state that the Irish people will not capitulate. The Queen of England is wanted for war crimes in Ireland and not wanted on Irish soil. we will do our best to ensure she and the gombeen class that act as her cheerleaders get that message."
The Real IRA said police officers would be targeted "regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation".
"The GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), Catholic church and constitutional nationalism will be unable to protect those who turn traitor, they are as liable for execution as anyone else regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation."
The answer is very simple. The British government and the unionist parties of the UK have no interest in a constitutional settlement in Ireland whereby Ireland becomes a united country and the six counties are reunited with the Republic. This problem has festered for almost 100 years and will not go away until justice and sovereignty are respected and the people of Ireland are finally freed from the tragic legacy of the past and the suffering that their ancestors endured for many generations. 

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