Thursday, 7 April 2011

Essential Plaid Gets Its Voters Out


As members of the British Polling Council, RMG:Clarity conducted an opinion poll regarding the Assembly Elections due to take place on 5th May 2011. The opinion poll consisted of 1005 structured telephone interviews, conducted with Welsh voters between 4th April and 5th April 2011 and 44 surveys completed online within the same timeframe. This totals 1049 surveys.
The full report can be downloaded by clicking here
An infographic detailing the key results is shown below:

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Anonymous said...

Plaid need to do something fast - and that doesn't inlcude more freebies.

The fact is in 4 years Ieuan Wyn has done nor said anything which could alienate any one. Neither has he done nor said anything which anyone remembers. That'd be fine, in fact, excellent, were he a Labour AM and Carwyn's deputy. But he is Plaid's leader and is was on his shoulders to promote the party and Welsh nationalism. He refused to do so, thinking naively (though, god knows people warned him) that running a capable government is no recipe for reelection (see RCT in 2004).

The election has come at a good time for Labour. Far enough for people to forget that they caused the economic mess and not early enough for any Tory-LD policies which could make a difference, be felt.

One Wales I was a very good government (except, ironically, those posts held by Labour - health and education). We're in for 5 years now of Labour drudge with no vision and no policies to get Wales moving.