Friday, 2 January 2009

Britain's Last Election?

Independence Cymru foresees that the next General Election to be held in Britain by May 2010 will be the last (for the British parliament). I watched an interesting programme last night on BBC2 -Scotland which focused on the Thatcher years and their effect on the people of Scotland.
Inadvertently this Conservative government ushered in the ascent of the SNP and accelerated devolution and the setting up of a full parliament for Scotland.

It is strongly predicted that the next (and last?) General Election will result in a Conservative victory and a Tory government at Westminster. David Cameron is firmly against the break-up of the Union and the disintegration of the British state. In fact the Conservatives are merging with the Unionists of Northern Ireland in an attempt to bolster Unionism in Britain.

The people of Scotland and increasingly the people of Wales and northern Ireland think differently. The trend is away from empire-building and towards national independence for the countries of Britain. The people of these nations will not accept domination from Westminster as cultural values in Wales and Scotland are very different from those of England. There is a strong egalitarion and Libertarian element in the make-up of the Scots and the Welsh and a classlessness which does not accord with the nature and philosophy of the Conservatives and their establishment associates. Time will tell, but watch this space!


kerdasi amaq said...

What are you going to do with it when you get it?
Start laying the foundations of an independent Wales now!

First, start an independent Bank of Wales!

Anonymous said...

Independence for Scotland is utterly pointless Jim. Scotland is two countries not one, leave them to their own devices and the Catholics and Protestants will tear themselves apart just like they were doing centuries ago. People shoulod learn the history before making ill-informed comments.