Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Verdict on the U.S. Election

Jill Evans:

'Great hope that Barack Obama will breathe new life into US foreign policy'

Plaid Cymru have sent congratulations Barack Obama follow his historic presidential election victory in the USA. Wales’ Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones said that there is now an expectation that the new President will fulfil the plans that he has laid out before his people. Plaid International Affairs Spokesperson Jill Evans MEP said that there was great hope that Barack Obama would breathe new life into US foreign policy.

Jill Evans MEP, who is also Plaid Vice-President, said that Senator Obama’s victory should now herald an end to the Foreign Policy followed by the current American administration.

Jill represents the whole of Wales in the European Parliament. She said:

“There is great hope that Barack Obama will breathe new life into US foreign policy after the division, war mongering and unilateral action of the Bush years. Bridges need to be built and friendships renewed in international relations, based on trust and shared values. The rhetoric has been lofty and inspiring, hopes and spirits have been raised but now it's time for delivery.
“Amongst President Obama's top foreign policy priorities will be restarting the Israeli Palestinian peace process, dealing with Iran's nuclear programme and the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. In these issues and others he has shown every indication of being fairer and more open minded than his predecessor who so severely tarnished America's reputation around the world.

“We also need to see more of an emphasis on a strengthened United Nations which was sidelined by President Bush with such disastrous consequences.”

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We will now watch with great interest the result of the Glenrothes by-election in Scotland. Pob hwyl i chwi, Peter Grant, SNP.

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