Saturday, 22 November 2008

Scotland Outlaws I.D. Cards

The Scottish Parliament (bar Lord George Foulkes and the Labour members) have voted to reject the U.K. government's proposed introduction of mandatory I.D. cards on the grounds of:
intrusion on civil liberties;
the great cost of funding (4.8 billion - possibly increasing to 18 billion);
discriminatory acts concerning ethnic minorities;
no necessity as passports, licences, credit cards etc contain data;
no evidence of an affect on terrorism as terrorists use valid i.d.s;
public unpopularity with the introduction of I.D. cards;
the present economic situation and a loomimg recession.

The Scottish Parliament sends a clear message to Westminster that Identity Cards are not wanted, not needed and not warranted.


James D said...

So where's the draft LCO for us to do the same?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What's up Al?

Can't face the truth again?

No Borders South Wales said...

There is a protest against the introduction of ID cards in Cardiff on Wednesday.

THe UK Border Agency begins registering people from 10th December so there will be a demonstration outside at 12noon.

We invite all opponents of ID Cards to join us.

details here: