Friday, 7 November 2008


The SNP increased their vote in Glenrothes. However, it was not sufficient to win the seat - this time! Scotland lives to fight another day. The wind of change is on hold in Alba. Independence is still high on the agenda.


Anonymous said...

Labour won because they ran a sustained negative campaign against the
SNP and got their sheep out to vote. Make no mistake, they had a shed
load of activists drafted into Glenrothes from northern England to minimise the possible
egging on Browns face, couple that with concentrating on the failings
of the SNP, (as they see them), at mainly council level and on a
Scottish level and basically, imo, the electorate fell for it. This
was more like a council election campaign than a Westminster election.

While I see no reason why one party shouldn't point out failings in
the other parties, the thing I have the problem with is that they
failed to provide the electors with their own solutions to these
failings, something the electorate seemed to have missed. I wonder if
they thought it must be true because honest Gordon says it was.
Someone said last night that the LP campaign bordered on dishonesty
and I agree, in fact I'd say they told lies, but they'll get found
out. The electorate might be slow to catch on sometimes but they're
not daft. That's partly the reason the Lib Dems got such a kicking I
think, they've been found out.

It's a fact that in one LP communication they mentioned themselves
once and the SNP over 20 times! Which goes to show how OTT there
anti-SNP campaign was and how lacking their campaign was in their own

When the Lib Dems won in West Fife against the LP (Another By Election
due to the death of the sitting LP MP) They (the Lib Dems) ran a
similar campaign, in fact I reckon that's where the LP in Fife got
their inspiration from, and they cuffed the LP. They (the Lib Dems)
campaigned on a local issue, bridge tolls, duped the electorate and
got elected. The LP have done the same here but used the care charges
against the SNP.

While the LP vote went up their majority was severely reduced, that
also says a lot. The SNP vote went up by something like 13% IIRC.

Despite the SNP leadership claims they could win, this was always
going to be a tough take for them and I think they did well to get the
increase they did.

I look forward to seeing the LP candidate make a right arse of the job
and I bet there are local LP members kicking themselves for not having
the bottle to put themselves up for it.

willie mcfee said...

Ah, those ignorant electors really shouldn't be allowed to vote at all according to your evaluation.

Your view of the Electorate:

They are 'sheep'.
They 'fell for it'.
They 'seem to have missed'.
They 'might be slow'.
They were 'duped'.

Let's just have a Nationalist Dictatorship and have done with it.

Stonemason said...

Well said willie mcfee .....

Anonymous missed a salient point, Labour won because "people" voted for them.

kerdasi amaq said...

Funny thing that, the first I heard about this election being a vote of confidence in the Labour government, was from Gordon Brown after the result was safely in.

Why didn't he mention it before the by-election?

Anonymous said...

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