Friday, 28 November 2008

Three Cheers for Adam Price

Adam Price M.P., Plaid Cymru Treasury Spokesman, conducted himself with great aplomb last night on the BBC programme "Question Time". His comments went down very well with the audience and he received considerable applause. He was supported by other members of the panel. In contrast Mr Alexander's contributions were received in silence. His assertions that the government is doing everything that is necessary and "what it takes" were seen as empty platitudes, which indeed they are.

More on Greenland's independence:


Anonymous said...

Adam Price wiped the floor with Douglas Alexander.

It's great to see the British nationalists finally in retreat. Long may it go on!

- Ray Bell

Anonymous said...

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eu referendum said...

If people were to actually find out how much money Brown really owes, for example, he and Britain are finished. Or if the true story about immigration spilled out, Brown's credibility would be gone.