Thursday, 19 November 2015

Angus Robertson versus the Hawks

PA SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions
Angus Robertson knows how to do things
He wanted to know if the PM would seek a UN resolution should he decide to bomb the bejesus out of Syria.
This was a straight question to which only a straight answer would do. So Mr Cameron said no because the Russians would only veto it.
Mr Robertson pointed to a new poll out today showing only 15% of Brits in favour of blitzing Syria.
Mr Cameron said: “My job, frankly, as Prime Minister, is not to read an opinion poll, it’s to do the right thing to keep this country safe.”
Having dismissed the views of the nation Mr Cameron trotted off to do some more prime ministering unencumbered by public opinion.
But he would do well to remember the public’s current opinion of Tony Blair.
He might not then be quite so keen to ignore it.

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