Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Future for Kernow

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Cornish Devolution Now
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Dear friend,
If you have already added your support to this campaign it is now vital you VOTE for it as well at this website address: http://www.digitaldemocracy.org.uk/vote/ You may need to copy and paste the above URL into your browser to find the voting area. To VOTE for this campaign you must click on the green YES vote button. Please then circulate to all interested parties. The UK's MP's need reminding of the petition of 50,000 signatures collected in Cornwall in 2002 calling for a Cornish Assembly. Help me remind them by VOTING or Cornish Devolution at this website: http://www.digitaldemocracy.org.uk/vote/ Oll an gwella
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Philip Hosking
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1 comment:

cornubian said...

Many thanks for putting this on your blog. It is vital now that people support and VOTE for the campaign. If you just support it now it won't win.

To vote you have to log in to the site, click on the VOTE button at the top of the screen then click on the green YES button next to the Cornish Devolution Now campaign.