Wednesday, 6 August 2008

"Wales is a Different Country!"

The message is getting through!

On my way back to the promised land (Cymru), I changed buses at Bristol Coach Station. I had a National Express bus ticket through to Swansea but as I had time to spare I thought of making an enquiry regarding my Welsh concessionary bus pass.
At the enquiry office I aked the clerk whether I could use this concessionary pass to take a bus from Bristol to Newport, a local service. I was told no, because the pass I had was a Welsh bus pass. So I asked: "If I need to travel in England should I apply for a national pass valid for journeys in England?" The clerk replied: "No, you cannot get one if you don't live in England.Wales is a different country!" The message is getting through!


Boris Le Lay said...

Hello dear fellow,

I was looking for welsh brothers on the web, especially nationalists.

I am from brittany (Breizh).

Where can i find a welsh web forum ?


Anonymous said...

No forum here mate. Plenty of swivel-eyed Nationalism though. You'll probably feel quite at home.

alanindyfed said...

Greetings boris le lay..
Try Facebook group "Let's Find the World's Welsh" and "Global Wales".
Please also contribute to this blog which often includes postings about Llydaw (Breizh/Brittany).

swivel-eyed is better than fixed-stare zombie-like vaccuousness brought about by years of brain-washing.